Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 Tips: How to Pick Sexy Lingerie

It's quite easy to choose sexy lingerie and not to look cheap. You just have to follow our tips. Silhouette, fabric and color of the brasserie and girdle are chosen according to the figure. Here you would find the tips how to be feminine, glamorous and enticing or how to pick cool and sexy lingerie. Follow these 5 tips and enjoy your lingerie, jazz up your relations with your significant other and admire beautiful and exclusive things.
How to choose the shape of the bra?
The shape of the bar depends upon the neckline of your dress.
You want sexy and low-cut rounded neck? Choose the bra with cups resembling fruit basket. For example, a balconette underwired bra - it most open decolette. This brasserie is perfect for sheath dresses and tops - your breast looks naturally curvy and the bra fits any dress perfectly.
If your dress has a plunging neckline, select a bra with low decolette. Cups cut it a half-moon shape open the upper part of your breast making a very sexy effect. This bra perfectly fits a low squared decolette.

How to shop smart & save

We share our must-know tips that will help you cut the cost of your supermarket shop without compromising on quality or quantity!
With the 'credit crunch' in full swing and rising food costs hitting our wallets it's a pretty stressful time to be having a baby. However, with your maternity leave fast approaching, the easiest place to start saving is in the supermarket. To help you save on your weekly shop we share our top tips for beating the supermarket tricks that get you spending - they're worth putting into practice and could save you £100's every year! 

1. Never shop hungry 

This is the oldest trick in the book but nonetheless it's still a must and will stop you running straight to the chocolate/ice cream/crisp aisle as soon as you get to the store. Having a healthy snack before you shop will mean that you're less driven by what you want to buy and more by what you should be buying, often meaning that you'll spend a lot less on junk food in favour of more nutritionally balanced ingredients that are better for you and baby. 

2. Say no to your nose 

Ever wondered why supermarkets always smell of fresh bread even though the bakery is by the back of the store? Well, rumour has it that to get our taste buds going they actually pump this smell forward to the front of the shop to create that same tummy rumbling 'must have carbs' effect that shopping hungry has. So, next time you do your weekly shop, enjoy the smell but avoid falling into their cunning trap! 

3. Make a shopping list 

Again, another oldie but it's a classic money saving tip for a good reason. When you plan your meals for the week in advance, check what you already have in your cupboards and write down the list of ingredients you need before you even leave the house you're onto a winner for two reasons. Firstly, you're far more likely to only buy the things you need (so you won't end up with 7 bags of pasta and 12 tins of tuna in the cupboard) and avoid expensive and unnecessary impulse buys that will see you throwing away good food that is past its best - this is very easily done with fruit and veg. Secondly, as supermarkets spread the staples of your weekly shop throughout the store so that you have to stroll along all the aisles past all of their special offers to make your way from the milk to the tinned tomatoes, by making a list you'll be able to keep focused and avoid coming out with more than you'd budgeted for. 

Low Fat Diets

Fat is the most calorie-dense food group: each gram has nine calories, compared to four calories for carbohydrate and protein. So if the aim is to create a calorie deficit in your diet, then cutting down on high-fat foods is a good place to start.

Reducing fat intake

Healthy eating guidelines recommend that a maximum of 30 per cent of calories in the diet should come from fat; a low-fat diet for weight loss will typically reduce this to around 20 per cent. However, as usual, the total energy intake is what counts on a low-fat diet just by replacing fatty foods with high-sugar, high-calorie foods, so it is important to keep an eye on the overall balance of the diet, too.
What you can eat
As we have seen, some fats are essential for good health while an excess of others can be harmful. The fats in a low-fat diet should primarily be ‘good’ monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, such as those that are found in olive oil or oily fish, for example. Saturated fats, which are found in foods such as fatty meat and poultry skin or full-fat dairy products, should be kept to a minimum, as should ‘trans fats’- hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are most often found in processed foods.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Justin and Selena's Weekend of PDA Began at Airport

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are taking PDA to another level. Before locking lips in front of millions at the Billboard Music Awards -- and being photographed with the Disney star's hand dangerously high on the BieberThigh -- the pair were spotted in all their puppy love glory at LA's airport.

"They are so cute together," a friend who saw the young couple check in together at LAX on their way to Vegas for the awards show. "They cut the line right in front of me in first class and were holding hands and giggling."

My spy in first class was about to confront them, "then I saw they were so in love it made me smile. Ah, young love, nothing is more beautiful."

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